Blogging from PHOENIX–Leaders of the Republican Party have begun to offer their support for Arizona’s new soviet style identity law. A statute that will require all individuals who reside or visit the Grand Canyon state, obtain and carry identity papers in the hope local police can ferret out undocumented immigrants by requiring all people provide proof of identity to police on demand.

Come August in Arizona, all individuals will find themselves subject to a law that allows police demand they provide their papers, the statute also mandates immigrants who are here legally spend six months in jail and pay more than a thousand dollars in fines, if they forget to carry their papers with them at all times.

The former republican vice presidential candidate and FOX news blogger Sarah Palin declared the law just the kind Americans like her favor and joined Governor Jan Brewer at a baseball game in Phoenix to show her moral support for the new soviet style identity law. Polls indicate most folks in Arizona who support the law were unaware it applied to them and that they too would be required to present identity papers to any law enforcement officer who felt it reasonable to stop and check their identity.

Historically polls have indicated 80% of Americans rejecting the concept of establishing laws that require Americans be forced to carry identity cards, which makes the position of the GOP contrary to the will of the American people, Arizona’s Governor and the white supremacist affiliated State Senator who sponsored the law, continue to mislead the public by claiming the law applies only to immigrants despite universal agreement by legal scholars that the law applies to everyone and will if upheld by the courts compel all individuals native born or immigrant to obtain appropriate identity papers and carry them at all times.

Governor Brewer also continues to deny the law is having any economic impact on the state despite the announcement by Mexico which accounts for millions in trade revenue, that they will take their business elsewhere as well as a flurry of cancellations for conventions and news the law will cost Arizona millions in tourism dollars before it even goes into effect in August.

Some conservatives heavy weights like Karl Rove and Tea Party candidate Marco Rubio have offered what amounts to tepid opposition to the statute, well a slew of GOP state office holders have expressed desire to enact identity laws in their own legislatures, California congressman Duncan Hunter thinks we should strip all Americans of Hispanic heritage of their citizenship, yes even the ones who were born here, but he insisted it’s a matter of economics not racism, According to the congressman, seems Hispanics are by virtue of their generic disposition, too great a drain on social services.

Responsible folks be they Republican or Democrat, white, black or Latino agree our Nations current immigration policy is outdated and in need of revision, George W. Bush the President liberals love to hate, attempted during his eight years in office to cultivate a national bi-partisan conversation on immigration solutions, As a card carrying liberal I suggest he along with a couple retired supreme court justices and senators be appointed to a Presidential commission to craft a non-partisan way forward on immigration.

The individuals behind Arizona’s new law may be bigots, but the fears they exploit are a reality. We need to firm up the nations boarders against the possibility of terrorist plots and stem the flow of so many undocumented immigrants, who would after all embrace the opportunity to obtain legitimate permission to work in this country doing jobs that quite frankly no Americans will do to begin with as they sought the path toward citizenship, well thats my view, yours may be different.

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