Blogging from PHOENIX–Documented members of Arizona’s Neo-Nazi movement, which is growing in political influence in the state are firmly behind the powerful Arizona legislator who championed the controversial legislation that as of the Governor’s signature today, will require citizens and visitors to carry identification papers.

Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, who crafted the bill, has been associated with local Neo-Nazi and John Birch types for several years; In 2006, he came under fire for speaking admirably of a 1950s federal deportation program called Operation Wetback, and for sending an e-mail message to supporters that included an attachment from a white supremacist group.

While it is not a crime to be a Neo-Nazi or white supremacist, most decent folks who support the new law may be unaware of the growing political influence of these groups in Arizona. Links in this post provide access to both video and source research on the close ties between white supremacists and dozens of elected officials in Arizona.

The Arizona legislature also officially joined the birther movement by passing a law that will require President Barack Obama provide state officials with his “real birth certificate” should he attempt to campaign for President in 2012, apparently the political pedophiles who govern the Grand Canyon state share the view of more vocal crackers and wing-nuts who claim some forty eight years ago, a poor white woman from Kansas joined in a grand international conspiracy to foist on the American people, a President who in reality was a child born in Kenya.   

Time was in America when if naught else, one could depend on republicans to stand firm against any notion that smacked of commie totalitarian control of personal liberty, which makes the passage of this law all the more repugnant and contrary to the ideals and political precepts of men like Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. Everyone agrees our Nations immigration policy is outdated and sorely in need of reforming, but allowing a half-dozen or so bigots to pass soviet style identity laws makes Arizona look like it’s governed by twits and the crew from deliverance.

The Governor of Arizona in signing the bill into law parroted the legislature which continues to insist despite the laws wording, its intent is not directed at regular white folks, just those darn illegal’s, however when pressed, the state house does acknowledge, all individuals residing within the State or visiting including children, shall as of August 1st 2010, be obliged to obtain and carry acceptable identification at all times.

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