Blogging from Phoenix: In a State where a majority of adults consider creationism a valid science, they still tend to buy the rope before they pick a jury. So it come as no surprise to learn several outside legal experts and child Physiologists who viewed the interrogation video, question a confession police and prosecutors claim, is the honest to gosh unprompted and all together spontaneous expression of an eight year old, who they continue to maintain with a straight face. Came home from school and decided to kill his Dad and another man in cold blood, because he was upset. I have provided a link to the interview/interrogation here.

Arizona for the most part is much like the big easy was before Katrina, corruption is party centered and generational, interwoven into the fabric of local and state institutions, deception and abuse by authority is systemic and the rule rather than exception, an unsightly flaw easily observed in most every facet of bureaucracy and generally ignored by those who want to get ahead. Since the powers that be feel the solution to homeless children is to put them on chain gangs, it would’t shock me in the least if it turns out the youngster was coerced from the get go and completely innocent.

Local media initially reported as gospel fact, the states claim the boy methodically gunned down his dad and another man, that’s simply how mainstream news is covered in Phoenix. Politics not journalistic ethics are the prerequisite editors and producers consider when hiring reporters for the mainstream press and television affiliates. On those occasions when a local story does moves up the food chain and become a part of the national news cycle, the local hackery can be depended on to do a quick two step and join the pack.

Happily in the last few years, some progressive democrats have managed to carve out niches in State and local officialdom. The system has improved a little, In this case for example whether the boy is guilty or not, at least he didn’t accidentally die while in police custody a few hours after making his spontaneous admission. Death and permanently disability while in police custody was a frequent coincidence a few years back, even for suspects who later turned out to be completely innocent.

The Judge hearing the case is allowing the boy a few days out of juvenile detention so he can spend thanksgiving with his Mother. And he has told prosecutors they have fifteen days to decide if they will charge him as an adult or minor. Despite a gag order folks inside the prosecutors office and police department have been leaking information in a vain attempt to put the best possible spin on an investigation that was clearly mismanaged from the start and is falling apart by the hour,

The Judge has is the habit of most judges in Arizona, essentionally blamed the elite liberal media for creating national interest in the case. He promised to start jailing reporters who have the temerity to continue publishing relevant facts or photos related to the tragedy. Despite the Judges admonishment several media sources outside his jurisdiction continue to report facts and publish photos. It would seem In Arizona modern investigative techniques and forensic science must still be considered new fang-led technology and the right thinking folk would rather rely on and obtain justice and confessions to heinous crimes the old fashioned way even when it evolves eight year old children.

That’s my view yours may be different


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