I’m not a leftwinger (I don’t even play one on TV!), but I do know enough of them to know how they think. I’ve always found it amusing and and sometimes even interesting how they can take two or more seemingly coincidental components and piece them together into one nice and tidy conspiracy theory. Hey, I’m not knocking the thought process! It does take some creative juice to develop these theories as quickly as they do.

It isn’t often I drink from that well but something hit me like a ton of bricks recently while reading Arianna Huffington’s latest hit piece (one of many) on Hillary Clinton. It seems Ms. Huffington has some personal issue with Mrs. Clinton that extends beyond mere political differences. Perhaps they both showed up in the same $10,000 dress at some black tie function. Who knows? But Huffington seems to be obsessed with Clinton (actually, both Clintons) and spends grand amounts of energy tearing them down in op-ed after op-ed. And she’s supposed to be on their side. Supposed to be…

But it occurs to me that before Arianna supposedly “saw the light” and became a liberal, she was a hardcore conservative. Her late husband, Republican Michael Huffington, was a former candidate for the US Senate in the early 90s and Arianna worked tirelessly on his campaign as dutiful political spouses are prone to do. But from there, she was employed by Newt Gingrich during the Clinton witch hunts, becoming senior fellow at his conservative think tank the Progress and Freedom Foundation. She once even held a $50,000 a plate fundraiser for Newt! Do you think she was involved in any way with digging up dirt on the Clintons for Gingrich?

Then, and here comes the ribbon to neatly tie up the loose ends on my conspiracy theory, Huffington became quite enamoured with John McCain in the 2000 presidential race and wrote of her affections often. Who do you think she supported during the primaries that year? My money isn’t on Al Gore!

Now, stay with me, we have a politically opportunistic social climber in Arianna Huffington with a record of actually raising money for those who tried to depose a sitting Democratic president (showing a history of disdain for the Clintons), who supported John McCain in 2000 (the likely 2008 Republican nominee for President), and who now seems obsessed with taking down McCain’s likely Democratic opponent. You guessed it – Hillary Clinton!

And Arianna is the stereotypical cold war double agent – a sexy female with a thick Eastern European accent! Not too bad for my first conspiracy theory, eh? But I would probably hit “delete” on this blog post if what I’ve written didn’t ring so damn true.

In closing, some will say that Arianna Huffington had a transformation from rightwinger to leftwinger. To that I say there is no one as zealous as a convert. She has already shown the propensity for changing her political mind seemingly on a whim. How long before she grows tired of the current offerings from the left and leaps across the aisle into the open arms of the GOP once again?

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