Junkyard Prophet have released a new album, The Price. This double CD includes 14 songs,with 6 bonus tracks on disc 2. The bonus CD includes a short message presented by drummer -Bradlee Dean-on some of our societies most pressing issues including freedom of speech and abortion.

Their lyrical approach is forthright, with strong criticism of the true motives behind many of the problems we face in the world. The first track starts with the following verse, ” One nationunder God, is the motto that we be fightin’ for. Not for a war or George, but to be free and secure the rights of the unborn, not for reward.”

This is not an attack on America, rather a plea for change and a test of our true values. This ‘Rap-Core Metal’ band can be best described as Linkin Park meets Limp Bizkit meets Rage Against The Machine.

The Price offers a prolific style of melodies. The album offers tracks like their hit single ‘Remember Me’ that get you going, as well as tracks like ‘One Heart’, that bring you back down to appreciate their unique talents.

Junkyard have held true to their beliefs, not selling out to majors, instead staying independent to ensure the message they send is un-tamed. Although I don’t agree with everything in their message, I respect their beliefs, and to be honest they have opened my eyes to some issues I would have never thought twice about.

If you want to hear a talented band who shares powerful words, buy this album.

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