ITV, in the UK, has a rather good drama on that depicts the establishment of a police force in London back in the 1750s called City of Vice. It stars the bloke who plays Emperor Palpetine in the last Star Wars series. Its gritty, edgy and fairly true to the facts. Someone, quite cleverly, has commissioned a game based on the series. Its free and online; running rather well on my broadband. Its a point and click adventure but has enough feeling to make it rather fun to play. The acting in it. while maybe not as good as in the series, works well enough in the context of the game.

The first episode is a “preview” of sorts and has you working your first case as a trainee Bow Street Runner. Murder, sex and money are involved as you would expect. There is a place to leave your email so that you will be informed when the next installment is released. While maybe not the most bleeding edge game out there; it is most interesting and quite well done. It certainly less frustrating than many p&c games of old.

The game is pretty short so far but it certainly leaves me looking for more. And heck you might just learn something about the Georgian history of London.

This is type of game that works so well online. Having it released in increments is quite a clever way of doing and oddly enough in keeping with the times. There are none of the frustrations of point & click games of old. The pointer seems to find the clues well and it does not require multiple attempts to get anything done. Well expect for the skill events like picking a lock and attempting to sew a wound later on the game. The later one taking a steady hand that I just could not get to grips with.

If you have the right sort of connection and are curious about history this game might be just the right distraction for a wee while.

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