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There are reports today of three car bomb explosions in Baghdad killing at least 138 people” and injuring more than 200 others. That, unfortunately, is such a common occurrence in Baghdad it is not really even news any longer. In October a new monthly ‘record’ was set with 3,700 people (mostly civilians) losing their lives from terrorist attacks of one form or another.

America has approximately 140,000 troops on the ground in Iraq. CBS News reports today that:

. . . 5,000 of them are training and advising Iraqi forces. But according to the trainers themselves, the army did not prepare them to accomplish their mission. Training is what counter insurgency warfare is all about, training local forces to take over the fighting, and (this is also) the linchpin of the American exit strategy. But in reports recording their experiences in Iraq, advisors like Colonel Nicholas Demas said the training he received before leaving the U.S. “was a phenomenal waste of time, nearly irrelevant to the current situation” in Iraq.

I hate to even think it but, if this CBS report is a fair, accurate and unbiased picture of the situation (one can never completely trust the mainstream media in this regard) this points to a criminally negligent military command structure.

In the first place, there is no logical reason that, in the years since we started training the Iraqis, the military command could not have been able to supply many more than 5,000 trained trainers to Iraq. Is this sheer incompetence or some sort of metagnostic plan?

Secondly, it is obvious from numerous reports that the other 135,000 troops are not being equipped with everything they need to fight well and stay as safe as possible. This Newsweek report tells of the shortages of body armor and vehicle armor that have, tragically, cost lives.

Third, (perhaps I’m naive but) it seems inconceivable to me that our troops are being ‘allowed’ to win; by that I mean it appears that they are neither being deployed properly or being allowed to be aggressive enough against the terrorists; also, it’s obviously to any casual observer that our military command has been unable to establish adequate intelligence assets to forecast the countless attacks by terrorists.

Finally, most importantly and to the point of this post, even  if our military presence in Iraq was flawless, it appears that we are defending a government that will never be strong enough to establish control and maintain peace in the country, and an Iraqi population that doesn’t have the guts to stand up to terrorism.

Do you think for a moment that gangs of terrorists like we see in Iraq would go uncontested in any American city? They absolutely would not! We would either have professional soldiers deployed to that city to control the situation (using marshal law as necessary) or, if they could not control it in a very short period of time, that city would have armed bands of citizens forming vigilante armies and killing anyone who they even thought was a terrorist. That would no doubt be illegal, unethical, immoral and you can supply your own adjectives to describe what may be considered by some as an indefensible overreaction, but that is exactly what would happen in any decently sized U.S. city. Why? Because American’s value peace and if their peace is interrupted they will go to war to restore peace. That’s our history, that’s our heritage that’s our mentality.

“This republic was not established by cowards; and cowards will not preserve it.” — Elmer Davis, Reporter and commentator

The Iraqi people apparently do not have the intestinal fortitude to mount that kind of offensive against the roving bands of terrorists who are killing them in record numbers. The United States can supply manpower, training and support to Iraq until Hell freezes over but we cannot supply intestinal fortitude.


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