We have a chance, here, to watch ahead of time for how many Mainstream News Media services will post the photo making fun of Kerry’s obscene statements against our troops. How many will show the good nature of our men and women at arms? How many will help prove that our troops aren’t as stupid as Kerry would have us believe?

So far this photo has burned up the internet appearing on Powerline and Drudge having originally made its appearance on the blog of radio personality, Charlie Sykes.

It appears in the New York Post today, but how many others will take it up?

Of course, since it makes our troops look better, it’s possible that few MSM outlets will use it.

We shall see today… keep your eyes peeled and report back here and join the game.

The picture was created by the good folks in the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 34th Infantry Division (MN National Guard). Showing the pluck and intelligence of our troops “stuck in Iraq”.

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