The Rolling StonesBelieve it or not, it may finally be true.

Rumors are abounding that the legendary Rolling Stones will be announcing their retirement from touring after they finish up “A Bigger Bang” tour, which has two dates left in their hometown of London later this week. As a huge fan of theirs ever since I was a young kid (I’m now 46 years old), I have “Mixed Emotions” about the news/rumours. (Did you like the blending in of a Stones song there? :))

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the band live over 20 times, and own just about everything they’ve ever recorded–official releases, bootleg LPs, and MP3s of outtakes and such. I’ve read countless books and articles about them, either as a band or the individual members, have seen all of the movies about them, and own or have viewed numerous videos of them.

The Rolling Stones are basically my only real vice–I live a (fairly) normal life with a wife, a daughter, a dog in a nice house. I’m fortunate enough to have a really great job which I enjoy and I make a nice living. However, when it comes to the Stones, I become fanatical.

My whole life could probably be defined by Stones songs:

  • Start Me Up could describe my college years.
  • You Can’t Always Get What You Want could describe my love life (before I met my wife).
  • Beast of Burden could describe most of my working life.

I think you get the idea.

Anyway, reading about how Mick, Keith, Charlie, and Ronnie have been overheard by various “sources” who say they feel that their tours take too long to plan and that they are getting on in years, etc., etc. They may still record music and play some live gigs now and then, but nothing on a grand scale.

I’m getting the feeling though that they may just call it a day very soon. What else is left for them to conquer? They’ve made an incredible amount of money, have recorded a plethora of music that will be remembered and admired for years to come, and they are the template that all rock bands model themselves after. (Sorry Beatle fans, the Fab Four weren’t around long enough to keep the crown.)

After reading some of these stories, I started to feel a bit wistful. No one, even the most fanatical Stones fan (like me) would believe they would last forever, although they made a pretty good try. Sooner or later, it was going to end. In addition, for me it’s another landmark on the highway trip that is my life.

Would I like to see the Stones hang on for just a bit longer? Probably, but in my heart of hearts, time is no longer on our sides, and if the band decides to pack it in, it will be time for us to move on. But it’s alright now, in fact it’s a gas…

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