All of the news sites make it appear that the 6 party talks with North korea are over.

Envoys: Nuke talks depend on North Korea – Houston Chronicle/

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill said the talks had snagged on the amount of energy assistance Pyongyang would receive as an inducement for disarming. But he said that a deal could still be reached during Monday’s session.

“It is up to the North Koreans,” Hill said. “We have offered a way forward on a number of issues. They just need to make a decision.”

His comments were echoed by Japanese envoy Kenichiro Sasae, who said an agreement “hangs greatly on the response, or final answer, that North Korea brings today.”

US says no more bargaining with NKorea on nukes –

The United States will not bargain any more with North Korea on its nuclear weapons programme, the US envoy to six-nation disarmament talks said.

“I think we have put everything on the table. We offered a way forward on a number of issues. They (North Koreans) just have to make a decision. I don’t think we are going to do any more bargaining,” Christopher Hill told reporters.

Hill said Monday would be the final day of talks, which started Thursday on an optimistic note with host China presenting a proposal for North Korea to take initial steps towards disarmament in return for economic incentives.

“It is the last day. The Chinese announced to us and I was the first to second the motion,” he said.


North Korea, apparently emboldened by its first-ever nuclear test in October last year, has demanded two million tonnes of fuel oil and other inducements, Japanese press have reported.


Prying1 sez: Any deal made with the North Koreans would be worth less than the paper it would be written on anyway. Even a three dollar bill would be worth more on eBay.

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