Not all the illegal immigrants slipping across our Southern border were born in Mexico. For years, a substantial amount of them hail from Central America and now there is evidence that Islamic drug traffickers are using the route, also.

Although many of the people making this crossing are looking for jobs, which will enable them to make a better life for themselves, the entire process is controlled by organized criminals.

While many of us have sympathy (empathy) for people trying to make a better life for themselves, it is often hard to distinguish between innocent workers and hardened criminals, or worse.

Sara Carter of the Washington Times is reporting some of our leaders, who are alarmed by this are calling for an investigation to study how bad the problem could be.

In Sara’s own words:

Rep. Ed Royce, ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs terrorism and nonproliferation subcommittee, said the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) document — first reported yesterday by The Washington Times — highlights how vulnerable the nation is when fighting the war on terrorism.

“I’ll be asking the terrorism subcommittee to hold a hearing on the DEA report’s disturbing findings,” said Mr. Royce of California. “A flood of name changes from Arabic to Hispanic and the reported linking of drug cartels on the Texas border with Middle East terrorism needs to be thoroughly investigated.”

According to the DEA report, the people of interest in the report are versatile in their linguistic abilities:

These “persons of interest” speak Arabic, Spanish and Hebrew fluently, according to the document.

The report includes photographs of known Middle Easterners who “appear to be Hispanic; they are in fact, all Spanish-speaking Arabic drug traffickers supporting Middle East terrorism from their base of operations” in the southwestern United States, according to the DEA.

Birds of a feather tend to flock together and it is no secret that a lot of terrorist activity has been funded by a booming poppy trade in Afghanistan for over twenty years now.

Another Congressional leader, Congressman John Culberson (R) supports taking a deeper look at this, also.

According to the Department of Justice’s National Drug Threat Assessment (2006), heroin production has declined in most source countries, with the exception of Afghanistan.

The report stipulates that no large increase of heroin has been noted in the United States, but it did speculate:

Any significant substitution of Southwest Asian heroin for South American heroin most likely would take several years to occur because Colombian and Dominican criminal groups control most white heroin drug markets, and as such, there are relatively few established Southwest Asian heroin transportation and distribution networks in the United States. Moreover, Colombian and Dominican criminal groups quite likely would strive to maintain control over domestic heroin distribution by purchasing Southwest Asian heroin from sources in Asia or Europe and distributing it in eastern drug markets.

Perhaps, the new report cited in the Times means that this process is already occurring and the groups involved in this deadly trade are creating an unholy alliance.

Terrorists need money to fund their causes, and one of the ways they make it is through illegal means, including drug trafficking.

Sara Carter also has written about Suad Leija, who is helping the federal authorities deal what will probably prove to be a major blow to a major counterfeit document cartel operating throughout the United States. Suad is the stepdaughter of one of the major players in the organization.

I first became interested in Suad’s story after reading Sara’s article.

Suad has been featured by Lou Dobbs, Fox News, Paula Zahn and several other news organizations.

One of the reasons, Saud decided to assist the authorities in going after her family was a chilling remark her grandfather made when she asked him if the “family” would sell documents to terrorists. His reply was “terrorism is an American problem not Mexican.”

Suad is now writing a book about her experiences and is offering a personally autographed copy to anyone, who drops her an e-mail before the release date and then purchases the book directly from her Paper Weapons site.

The e-mail address can be had by clicking on the contact link on the left side of the main page. The book will help support the sacrifices, she has made assisting the authorities in identifying a threat to the citizens of the United States.

Washington Times story, here.

Department of Justice’s 2006 National Drug Threat Assessment, here.

If you would like to write Congressman Ed Royce to show support, or make a comment on his call for an investigation, his website is here.

Another person supporting this investigation, Congressman John Culberson’s site can be reached by linking, here.

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