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Muslim world inflamed by Rushdie, again.

Salman Rushdie wrote a book, almost twenty years ago, about a prophet who was misled by the devil, and although it was an obvious work of fiction, muslim radicals took it to be an assault on Islam, on the Koran, and just about anything else they could think of.  Publication of the book, titled The Satanic Verses, put a price tag on Rushdie’s head when the late Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa [a religious decree] calling for his death.  Rushdie lived in hiding in England for years after that.

Queen Elizabeth has now granted Rushdie a Knighthood, basically an honorary title.  No castles or suits of armor come along with it, it’s not like the days of yore.  The armor, however, could come in handy for the new Sir Salman.  Radical muslims are all up in arms once again, and the fatwa’s are flying.  A reward for Rushdie’s death of $150,000.00 has been promised to any successful assassin.

Fatwa’s were also the rage about a year ago when those infamous Mohammed cartoons were published.  Orders for the murder of the cartoonist, the newspaper editors, the publishers, and maybe anyone who even looked at the things were being issued almost on a daily basis.  A fatwa here, a fatwa there, here a fatwa, there a fatwa, everywhere a fatwa…  Old McHammed had a farm, eyie eyie ohh…

Chill pills could be a really big business in parts of the Middle East…
Might have to look into that.

News Source: Times Online – UK

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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