This past weekend we were all told from this so called new spokesperson for George and Cindy Anthony, Michelle Bart, that the Anthony’s would be holding a press conference and show the public exactly why they think Caylee Marie Anthony is still alive. They claim there has been sightings of little Caylee at the Orlando International airport.

OK now I am not someone from back in the woods that doesn’t know how things happen in this world, although I admit I am not always up to date on a lot of things these days but I do know that one needs an ID to get on an airplane these days. If one wants to leave this country you definitely have to have a passport now to fly out too.

I could be wrong but a child over the age of two needs a ticket too which also would require some form of ID. Now airports are filled with cameras for security reasons so there is no way they are going to tell me that someone slipped this little girl onto an airplane without being seen at least by a camera at least.

Anyway now back to the press conference. Originally the press conference was supposed to be for Monday morning. So Monday morning has come and gone and no press conference. Michelle Bart is now saying that the Anthony’s are expected to issue a statement through her this week that will hopefully make the public understand why they are looking for an alive Caylee. Michelle Bart says they truly believe that the child is alive.

Bart, who is the spokesperson for the Kid Finders Network, took the job as spokesperson for the Anthony’s after Larry Garrison was accused of taking money. They claim they fired him but he claims that he resigned due to erratic behavior over the past several months by the Anthony’s.

Personally I don’t think the Anthony’s are important enough to even need a spokesperson. In my opinion I think it is a waste of money. Besides usually when a spokesperson is hired they do all the talking for you to the media. I don’t think anything could stop Cindy Anthony from talking because she loves that spotlight too much.

Meanwhile Leonard Padilla, the California Bounty Hunter is back in California and he is going to be given the lie detector test by the FBI. Padilla thinks the FBI wants to ask him about last week’s find that turned out to be a false alarm. It sent reporters and the cops scrambling to the search site in Blanchard Park.

The divers had found the plastic bag with what they thought were bones and toys but officials claim none of it had ties with Caylee Anthony. WFTV reporter asked Padilla if the FBI wants him to take the lie detector test because they think he may have planted the bag in the river. Padilla responded by saying, “That’s what I think, yeah.”

Park officials ordered Padilla and his dive team out of the park over the weekend. He plans to try and return though later this week. The Bounty Hunter is firmly convinced that Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony dumped little Caylee’s body in the Little Econ River in Blanchard Park.

I don’t understand why anyone has a problem with Padilla searching for Caylee. I think that they should be happy that at least he is looking for her. That is more than some others are doing. At least he isn’t sitting under a tent asking people to donate money to him for the search of Caylee like the Anthony’s do.

I have a huge problem with the way they keep asking for donations when I don’t see them out there doing anything to find Caylee. When they go on TV all they do is talk about Casey and how she has become the victim in all of this. It is always someone else’s fault, never do they lay the blame on their precious brat that they claim deserves the ‘Mother of The Year’ Award.

Also I just read a news article where the man that runs the so-called Kid Finders Network, Dennis Milstead, got very physical with WFTV’s reporter Kathi Belich when she approached him asking about his criminal past. He reportedly got quiet and then he grabbed her microphone and pushed the camera while the photographer, Adam Liberatore was holding it.

WFTV reports that Milstead has been arrested twice, once for assault and another time for impersonating a police officer. As they report, and I must say I would question Kid Finders for sure, but this is the man that Cindy and George Anthony are trusting to help them find little Caylee even though the organization has never even found anyone they claim to be looking for.

Milstead drives a pickup truck whish use to have an emblem on the side of it saying “Gotcha” but now he has the Kid Finders emblem on it. The police in West Palm Beach said he flashed phony blue lights and claimed he was a law enforcement officer. He pled his felony charge down to a misdemeanor and then seven months later he was arrested again for assault.

Eyewitness News also has come across more information concerning the president of Crime Stoppers in south Florida. They say he had a restraining order against Milstead after he allegedly tried to connive a 90% cut of any donations he solicited for the group. They say at the time Milstead had a business that he was operating called Gotcha Billboards but he reportedly was saying he was an employee of the non-profit Crime Stoppers.

Also reported was that Milstead’s Kid Finders Network mentions that its intentions are to raise funds a number of times, mostly so they can build more billboards for the missing children, but its list of accomplishments doesn’t include them finding any missing children.

A tax return for Kid Finders for its first year in operation in 2006 shows the organization borrowed $4800 to get started. It is listed as an asset and a debt. Kid Finders 2007 return has not been submitted yet.

Eyewitness News reports that fifteen minutes after they confronted Milstead with all of this they packed up their posters and their donation cup and they left.

I say hats off to Eyewitness News for coming up with all this on Kid Finders. I have been saying for a few days now that the more I hear about these people the fishier it gets. Something is not right and I know there is something going on with all this. Someone is out there to make money on Caylee Marie Anthony’s disappearance and perhaps the Anthony’s and Kid Finder’s are all in on it together.

Now John Morgan, the high profile attorney from Orlando says he is dealing with one of Jose Baez’s mistakes now. Morgan is representing Zanaida Gonzalez in her defamation suit against Casey Anthony which Baez has filed a civil countersuit on. Eyewitness News says Casey’s attorney told them that he wants money for attorney fees.

The legal experts say that if Casey files this countersuit that will mean that she will have to take the stand in court and if she does that could be used against her in the criminal case. Morgan says he is surprised that Baez filed the suit last week. “I think they are putting their client in a position they may be sorry later,” said Morgan when talking to Eyewitness News.

Anthony is now claiming that Gonzalez is not the Zenaida Gonzalez that she was talking about and the lawsuit is frivolous. “When you are fingered as someone who has murdered or kidnapped a child and we can connect the dots, I don’t think anyone in America thinks that is frivolous,” says Morgan. In the claim, Baez is asking for5 damages and legal fees but Morgan says there are deficiencies, because the motion does not state a reason why Anthony should get any money.

“Zenaida thinks this is more insult to injury,” said Morgan. “I don’t think I ever read anything like it in my 25 years of practice.”

And the saga goes on. The more we see the sillier this all gets. It turns my stomach to hear all this though. All you hear is who wants more money. When all along still this precious little girl is still missing and the only one left out there actively wanting to go out and search for her is held back so he can take this silly lie detector test. What has this world come to? I don’t care what Padilla’s reasons are. I hope he finds her so all this can come to an end and then the crazy Anthony family can all be put on back burners and be considered has beens.

We love you Caylee and hopefully someone will find you soon. God Bless you sweetie.

Jan Barrett

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