As a reviewer, books, music, movies, etc. I am often asked if I will be placing my review on Amazon. This is particularly true of authors, they seem to have a delusion that Amazon reviews count.

Sorry, but a 5 ***** review that says:

Great book, I could not put it down

Ethel (Authors mom)

Clearly this kind of review is worthless. Several years ago Amazon had a problem with their reviewers, by reviewing things, particularly books, you could make money. In no time at all Amazons top reviewers were publishing 20 books a day!

Now that is speed reading…..

In the case of book reviewers it was obvious that Amazon were at fault, did they really think people would buy and read the books? Just rehash the book description and you are done, give it a rating and move on. You can do 20 books a day and not break a sweat.

For years there have been rumors swirling about fraudulent reviews on Amazon, the book example was nothing, how about fraudulent reviews for actual products? Would manufacturers stoop so low as to buy reviews? What a silly question! Just ask Yelp,or any other review site involved in reviewing the hospitality business.

The other day I saw an ad on facebook that caught me attention. It was an HDMI cable extender. The technical term would be a Balun. The concept was very clever, two little boxes, one you plugged into the hdmi port of your computer or whatever source devive you wanted, and the other box to your target device, a screen or projector, maybe out in the garden. The brilliant part was that you use cheap CAT5 network cable to join the two boxes togethe. Why is this important? HDMI does not travel far, I can’t remember the exact specifications, but cables longer than 15 feet are a rarity. CAT5 on the other hand can travel 300 feet before needing a boost.

I had no urgent need for these gizmos, but if they worked, I was sure the techy nerds would would be over them like white on rice.

This was the response I got from the company when I asked for a review item:

My advice, do not believe Amazon reviews.

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