An architect who has been giving advice and guidance with regards to the renovation of Marshall Town Hall has reported the town of Marshall to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, stating that the town may have breaches regulations with regards to the removal of asbestos from the town hall building.
The architect, Katherine Bond, contacted OSHA by letter, and said in her letter that she was concerned about “serious allegations of workplace safety violations” and “fear on the part of employees” with regards to the issues outlined.
The letter read: “What started as a concern over a potential fire hazard with new insulation being placed on an existing ceiling has resulted in the improper removal of material which I believe contains asbestos. This material was removed by town employees without proper equipment and job site safety procedures.”
She added: “I am not out to crucify anyone. I just want to rectify serious problems.” Bond also said: “without proper testing, it cannot be confirmed, but I feel the seriousness of the possibility of exposure warranted my contacting the proper authorities.”

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