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Arabs today criticised a Danish court’s decision to exonerate the newspaper that first published the Prophet Mohammed cartoons that provoked riots across the Muslim world.

Well, it’s a free country, guys. Denmark that is… for now, anyway

Arab politicians and intellectuals warned the verdict would widen the gap between Westerners and Muslims, but said mass protests were unlikely.

Well, the gap is already the size and depth of the Grand Canyon, so I don’t see this development adding much, either way.

A court in Aarhus, Denmark, threw out a defamation suit filed by seven local Muslim groups who accused the Jyllands-Posten newspaper of publishing 12 drawings of the prophet in order to insult him and make fun of Islam.

Ummm… no. The point was to illustrate how artists were self-censoring themselves for fear of wholly predictable and violent reactions from Muslims. Consider that point proven.

Islamic law forbids any depiction of the prophet to prevent idolatry.

Which applies where Islamic law is applied. We must have missed out on the extraterritoriality of sharia.

When the cartoons, first published in September 2005, were reprinted in European newspapers in January and February, they sparked mass protests.

Several demonstrations turned violent, with protesters being killed in Libya and Afghanistan and a mob ransacking the Danish Embassy in Syria.

Right on schedule: Seething Muslim Street. Anyone every give any thought to adding valium and chlorine to the water supplies on Seething Muslim St.?

“This (verdict) will only widen the gap between the Western and Islamic world,” said Syrian legislator Mohammed Habash, who heads the Islamic Studies Center in Damascus.

See note above, re: Grand Canyon

Habash said the cartoons constituted an insult to Muslims.

The tragedy of the skinless, in a sandpaper world. Here, put some bactine on it.

“The Western mentality still sees in such things a facet of freedom that should be defended. This reflects arrogance because they want to impose their way of thinking on all other nations,” he added.

No, we’d like to keep on imposing our own way of thinking, regarding freedom of speech and separation of religion and the state on our own part of the world, thank you very much. If you would stick to imposing your own way of thinking on your own part of it, we’d get along just peachy.

The court conceded that some Muslims had found the drawing offensive, but it found there was no basis to assume that “the purpose of the drawings was to present opinions that can belittle Muslims”.

See note, regarding self-censorship

Jyllands-Posten’s editor in chief hailed the decision as a victory for freedom of speech. The Danish Muslims who filed the suit said they would appeal.


Additional background here

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