Aquabounty and their Genetically Engineered Salmon have been a subject of great discussion on both Surviving The 21st Century and our sister program The Food Revolution Papers. I also recommend that you go to Google and search ‘aquabounty bloggernews’. Actually we are hardly the only site that has serious reservations about this company, but I do not want to be perceived as being a bully! But even the usually docile and well meaning WWF (World Wildlife Fund) seem to be less than enthusiastic about the subject of Transgenic Salmon. In 2008 the WWF sponsored a conference in Edinburgh, Scotland on the subject of Salmon aquaculture. One of the attendees was ‘Hank’ Henry C. Clifford, the VP of Sales and Marketing for Aquabounty. You can read the WWF article here.

In May 2011 the WWF released their findings on Salmon Aquaculture. It is important to understand that this document was based on the input of many people. Traditional fishermen, farmers, conservationists, etc. The WWF paper is worth reading, but I will cut the 88 pages down to a single sentence.

Transgenic fish are not permitted under this standard because of concerns about their unknown impact on wild populations

Obviously I do not wish to be accused of taking comments out of context. I leave that to politicians and the talking heads on TV. So you can read the entire document here. (page 27)

At the moment Aquabounty are still a relatively unknown entity, however one has to suspect that they have some serious players behind them. They will need them, because there is a serious movement in the US against the trend to GMO food.

It is clear that Aquabounty has spent a great deal of time and money in developing the Franken-Fish, the documents claim 15 years of research. Lets face it, these guys are not tinkering in Moms kitchen burning her pots and pans on the quest of making a better tasting grilled cheese sandwich! These people are serious! I’ll bet they have converted the two car family garage into a laboratory!

It does seem such a waste of all of this hard work to go down the toilet if and when the Feds declare Franken-Salmon a dead deal. Many countries already refuse to import our food products because of the GMO issue, and Franken-Salmon will merely close another export market for us.

As a chanpion of small industry, I wish to offer my solution to Aquabounty. This might just work for you when selling the fish for food gets nixed.

You obviously can grow big fish.


It should be relatively simple to adapt a Mechanical Chicken Stripper to strip the meat from the bones.


Out of the nozzle you will get something like this

Green energy is a growing concern, so if you get one of these.


You can make this.


Of course Salmon do make a bit of a mess (they poo), but this can be fixed by converting the family swiming pool


Into a manure lagoon.


Oh, it is recomended that you post No Smoking and No Open Flame signs.

Most if the methane issue can be controlled.  I recomend


Well, I do hope that I have in some small way helped Aquabounty with this helpful suggestion.

Bon Appetit!

Simon Barrett

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