We are in the middle of an intense election cycle, we all know. Both parties are, for the first time in many years, completely undecided as to which of their candidates is “the” candidate. It’s pretty exciting for a political junkie. So, what does the Associated Press give us? What political news is of the utmost importance to help us all in this supremely important decision, so urgent that the AP felt we needed to know about it? Why, it’s that Chris Matthews has made a few lefties mad at him for helping Hillary win in New Hampshire, of course! The AP is trying to drum up sympathy for Matthews who is supposedly on the receiving end of a “backlash” for his supposed attacks on hillary Clinton.

Chris Matthews a target for people who believe media backlash helped Hillary Clinton

He’s become the target for critics who think a backlash against the media played a part in Hillary Clinton’s surprise win in New Hampshire. Chris Matthews laughs off that idea, and insists he has a lot of respect for her.

Geeze, give me a break.

So, we get a puff piece on that well-known and extremely important politician named Chris Matthews, huh? Yeah, I know Matthews is neither a politician, nor integral in the scheme of decision making for the presidency, nor even particularly relevant to much of anything. Yet, the AP gives us a two page puff piece on how Chris Matthews is being dealt a “backlash” from people who think that the media unduly attacked Hillary before her win in New Hampshire. Seriously… who cares? I mean, we have important political doings here, these days, and the AP gives us a piece on Chris Matthews as if what is going on with him is somehow pertinent to the decision we all have to make as voters.

The AP is also trying to paint Matthews as some sort of “hard hitting” watchdog keeping politicians, in particular Mrs. Clinton, honest. Yes, he is the bane of the left, a thorn in their side… no, he’s not one of them at all! No, they really mean it. Why Chris has even said negative things about Hillary before!

The liberal watchdog Media Matters for America counted more than eight negative remarks Matthews made about Clinton for every positive one during September, October and November.

Gadzooks! EIGHT THINGS? That monster!

And to prove that Matthews is one of the good guys, the AP gives us the words of the extreme left website, firedoglake.com.

“Chris Matthews, it’s high time for you to go,” she wrote. “None of us dainty ladies out here who depend on our husbands to get anywhere in life will pull out our lace hankies, drop into our fainting couches and cry a single tear when you’re gone.”

Yeah, riiiiiight.

The AP also indulges in a bit of hero worship of Matthews’ supposed outspokenness. After relating when Matthews said that the only reason Clinton is so well-known is because, “her husband messed around.”

Bam! That quote raced around the Internet and unleashed a fresh round of anger toward Matthews at a time emotions were already frayed.

Gosh, poor Chris!

I have to say, this is puffery of the worst sort. But, then, that’s what we’ve so come to expect from the AP, isn’t it?

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