Along with Leopard, Apple told everyone a way to develop applications for the upcoming iPhone: the web.

At the Keynote speech at the World Wide Developers Conference, Steve Jobs talked about a way to develop applications that people can use on the iPhone that is both secure, but somewhat easy. That way he mentioned is taking place right now. The solution is a combination of Web 2.0 and the web technology, AJAX. This is easy to see how it’s working with a common example: Google Docs and Spreadsheets.

Google is using AJAX to make their programs easy to access online without having to download any software. Their word processing and spreadsheet program runs within your web browser. Nothing is stored on your hard drive unless you choose to save the document onto your computer.

Jobs prefers this way so that the iPhone can stay secure and won’t cause any problems, whether on the user’s iPhone or the entire AT&T Wireless network. It also enables Apple to possibly put their own application on the iPhone.

The only downside to this; it requires you to have a constant internet signal, whether it is by AT&T Wireless’s GPRS/EDGE or by WiFi. This is a good direction to go in though.


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