Has hell frozen over again? Some people are thinking so with the release of Apple’s Safari web browser for Windows XP and Vista.

Along with the Leopard announcements and the iPhone application development, Apple released a public beta of Safari 3, the next version of Safari, for Mac OS X Tiger users (10.4.9 only), along with versions for Windows XP and Windows Vista. Apple is claiming that Safari is the “fastest, easiest-to-use web browser in the world.” They also say that it is 2 times faster than Internet Explorer.

Along with being released on Windows, Safari also incorporates Apple’s new unified interface, so all applications have the same basic look instead of some applications have the brushed-metal look to their windows. The tabbed browsing feature also now incorporates something that has been featured in Firefox since version 2: the ability to drag tabs around. Users can now organize open tabs to make it easier for users to browse the web. Apple will now also allow users to drag tabs out of a window and make that tab a brand new window.

Could this be the start of more Apple applications being brought over to the Windows operating system? Only time will tell.


Apple – Safari 

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