With about 10 days to go until the iPhone is going to be officially launched at 6:00 PM in the time zone that you are in, people are getting more and more excited – or hyped up, whichever you desire – about Apple’s new cell phone. To add to the mass of excitement already put out by some, Apple is adding more upgrades to get the iPhone fire bigger.

People have been concerned about the iPhone’s screen, which is the whole phone, and the fact that it may scratch very, very easily. To respond to this concern, Apple has sent out a press release saying that it has updated the iPhone’s screen to optic’s quality glass. In other words, the same type of scratch-proof material that you find in your prescription glass.

The bigger announcement Apple put in their press release was that the iPhone’s battery has been upgraded. Previously, the iPhone had a rated talk time of about 5 hours, with no rated time for standby. They also rated the music playback time at 16 hours and video playback life at 4 hours. Each of these times have been updated. The rated talk time is now 8 hours with a standby time of 250 hours. The music playback time is now rated at 24 hours and the video playback time is rated at 7 hours.

They also added in that the amount of internet usage is rated at around 6 hours, although not saying whether that was on AT&T’s EDGE network or on WiFi. These battery life times also are easily subject to change on factors such as if you have WiFi, Bluetooth, and/or the speakerphone on, as all of these could drain the battery faster.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog is also wondering whether at launch time if Apple will include a few more hidden upgrades, such as AT&T’s HSDPA, their solution to Verizon and Sprint’s EVDO service, for near-broadband speeds. More details will be released at launch time, on June 29th.

Source: TUAW

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