The leader of a major regional power calls for the obliteration of another country and the extermination of an entire group of people. His calls for destruction are written off by his neighbors as hyperbole, and explained away as the reaction to past injustices. Efforts are made to placate him and involve him in dialogue in the mistaken belief that they all share the same values, goals, and ultimate desires. Knowing that he is faced only by weak appeasers dead set on avoiding any form of confrontation, he periodically makes a statement, or takes a step, that suggests willingness to compromise, all the while continuing to plot and plan for the carrying out of his ultimate goal. 

The time was 1932 to 1940. That leader was Adolf Hitler. The writing describing Hitler’s goals was clearly written on the walls of the historical record ever since he had taken power, but was ignored, because contemplation of such a man with such goals was too very uncomfortable for the postwar sensibilities of Western Europe. It was not until three countries were overrun and thousands had perished before the realization was finally driven home as to the evil which had to be confronted.Today, the president of Iran, like a grand Dragon at a KKK rally, said to applause and cheers that Israel will one day be “wiped out.” 

How long before our 21st century appeasers realize the evil that must be confronted?

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