The new Democratic majority is set to take over today (Thursday). After a strategy meeting, Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell appeared before the cameras to talk about what is likely to happen during this session of the Senate. What they said is not important, their words are politician’s words . . . meaningless pearls cast out among us swine.

If first impressions on this first day of the new leadership mean anything, after watching Reid and McConnell and after reading some of the related news, I have many doubts about the direction our government is about to take. Most of my doubts may be no more substantive than those “pearls” referenced above but they are my first impressions and I’m stuck with them.

Harry Reid, the new Senate Majority Leader, aside from his rodent-like visage, has an unsettling aura (for lack of a better word) and, last I heard, had some serious charges against him that belie the headline this morning: Democrats set to take over, vowing to run clean Congress.

Mitch McConnell, the new Senate Minority Leader seems well suited for a minority leader, i.e., he appears to have left his spine in his other suit. He appears soft — very soft and pliable.

Nancy Pelosi, the soon (any minute now) to be Speaker of the House, the first female to ever hold this position, has always reminded me of Xena the Warrier Princess. I’m not sure why but I want to believe that she will carry through with her campaign promises but, then again, I’m not sure why I don’t believe her. During her last election campaign she seemed to create a new persona that was so far removed from her previous rhetoric that it became obvious that she was posing.

Robert Byrd — now here was my real morning shocker — Robert Byrd the ex-Klansman and current senior senator from West Virginia has become the President Pro Tempore of the Senate . . . third person in the line of presidential succession. This news calls for a National Day of prayer to keep our President and Vice President safe.

I know the above are all just impressions but, as I said, until and unless the subjects prove me wrong, I’m stuck with them.


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