An apartment building recently had to be emptied as a result of an asbestos contamination scare, and this followed a fire that blazed in the building in Boulder earlier in the week. There were fears that the blaze could have caused asbestos contamination in the air, which could then endanger the health of residents.

A city official said that fire fighters were called to the scene in the early hours of the morning to try and tackle the blaze. There were no injuries as a result of the fire, and the fire fighters managed to put it out quickly. However, people were concerned that the three storey building may have become contaminated with asbestos because of the fire.

While only seven units sustained damage as a result of the fire the whole building was evacuated due to concerns about the risk of asbestos exposure according to reports.

However, most of the building had been home to students from the University of Colorado, and many had gone home for the summer, which means that not all residents were affected because many were not there at the time.

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