The AP must be so upset with all their wearing of sack cloth and gnashing of their teeth over how those poor Syrians just want to have peace as those gosh darn, meanie Jews just won’t let it happen.

They are reporting that “Syria hints at resistance vs. Israel” today with the Syrians claiming they want peace while the AP presents Israel as the recalcitrant party.

Notice the played down threat of armed attack? “Resistance”? And that is just the title, the bias continues onward.

“Syria could resort to armed resistance if peace negotiations do not lead to Israel’s return of the Golan Heights, the country’s Information Minister said Sunday.”

That is a plain ultimatum from Syria, telling Israel that they want it all or there will be war, not a “peace” negotiation. Where is there any “negotiation” on the Syrian’s part there, anyway?

And that is but the first sentence of the report. So, the title and the first sentence is loaded against Israel. Betcha can’t wait for the rest of the report!

The report goes on to reveal how the Syrian “negotiator” says that he wants all the Golan Heights back or they will resort to “other means, which struggling people have used at various points in history, beginning with legitimate resistance.”

Then the AP assures us that they really want “peace” after all. “But Bilal said Syrians were eager to resume talks.”

Are they, indeed?

Next the AP basically seems to accept the Syrian position of the only road to peace.

“The road for peace and stability in the region and the world goes through ending occupation” of the Golan Heights, he said, opening a three-day media forum geared at highlighting Syria’s right to the Golan.

Then, after saying how the Israelis quit the peace talks over security issues, the AP once again assures us that the Syrians really are peaceful folks.

On Sunday, Syrian President Bashar Assad, who was meeting with Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa, called for a comprehensive peace in the Middle East.

But, darn them thar Jews anyway…

Israel has brushed off Assad’s previous calls to restart peace talks, saying Syria must first clamp down on the radical Palestinian groups it hosts.

… they just “brushed off” that offer of peace. Why, what is WRONG with those mean Jews, anyway?No, the AP didn’t load that report with too much anti-Israeli bias, eh?

(By the way, does anyone know how to find a bio on the writer of the AP piece, ALBERT AJI? A Google search only offers his writing, but no bio I could see.)

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