Once again, and engaging in perfect Soviet styled historical revisionism, our glorious MSM presents the “truth” of how failed Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev was really the one who “helped” the U.S. win the Cold War. AP claims Gorby brought about the fall of the Soviet Union but this “ushered in an era of U.S. imperialism,” which the AP claims is responsible for “many of the world’s gravest problems.” So, according to the AP Gorby helped the U.S. win the Cold War, but his good deed is now the cause of all the world’s ills? How losing the game can equate to an assist to the winners is anyone’s guess.

Every couple of months the left leaning western MSM dusts off this old loser to beat up the United States. And with this one the AP mixes their hero worship of Mikhail Gorbachev with their hatred of the U.S.A. in a crescendo of far left double speak that is just incredible for its cluelessness. The very mind boggling leftist dogma of their first two sentences is head spinning.

MOSCOW – Former President Mikhail Gorbachev said Friday that the fall of the Soviet Union, which he helped bring about, ushered in an era of U.S. imperialism responsible for many of the world’s gravest problems.

Amazing. So, Gorby “helped” win the Cold War? Folks he LOST the Cold War. He was not trying to “help” anyone but himself and the leaders of the Politburo! There was NO benevolence in his actions. By the AP’s logic — or lack thereof — the Axis powers that lost WWII should be lauded for their efforts to “help” the allies win. By the AP’s logic, Tojo and Hitler should be names we celebrate as heroes that helped “win” WWII… by losing it.

Then, they follow that piece of falderal with the claim that the U.S.A. beating down the oppressive and murderous Soviet regime was somehow bad because the U.S. is now the cause of all the world’s “gravest problems?”

What can you say to this AP leap of stupidity? It’s simply mind boggling.

And that was only their first sentence! There is more propaganda to follow.

Gorbachev is lauded in the West for ushering in democratic reforms but widely despised in Russia for paving the way to the economic free-for-all of the 1990s, which brought fabulous wealth for a well-connected few while plunging much of the country into humiliating poverty.

Yeah, “lauded” by socialists and fellow travelers. Gorby is treated like a hero by western leftists, of course. But, Gorby’s so-called reforms were merely a last gasp effort to keep control. He would never have kept those “reforms” in place should the Soviet order had retaken full control. Can the AP spell r-u-s-e?

And, only the AP could claim that capitalism is a bad thing like that. Where did they find this Alex Nicholson? As a beat reporter for the Communist Party house organ?

From those two sentences the AP goes into Gorby’s criticism of the eeeevil U.S.A. I won’t bother Fisking his doggerel because he is a doddering old fool who is completely irrelevant and has been since Reagan turned him into an international laughing stock. His criticism is a meaningless amalgam of failed communist assumptions and the grasping for public notice of a hasbeen who is so constantly pumped up by a fawning media that it is simply tiresome.

Still, as the AP lauds loser Gorbachev they also report how he has lined up as a four square backer of the repressive Putin power grab.

He has since became a supporter of President Vladimir Putin’s assertive foreign policy and resistance to American power — calling occasional news conferences to praise Putin’s policies…

Well, what is Gorby, then, AP? To be lauded a “reformer” or a supporter of an oppressive Putin? Putin, who is merely emulating and making his best efforts to return to certain of the more oppressive of old Soviet practices, is NO “reformer,” it must be realized.

So, with Gorbachev’s solid support of Putin, he is proving 100% that he is similarly no reformer and that he is still supportive of old style Soviet oppressive power grabs for the state. He reveals with this support that he most surely would not have kept the “reforms” in place that the AP and leftists everywhere bestow praise upon him for and that they claim he made to the Soviet system. Supporting Putin proves that Gorby is still an old Soviet murderer at heart and never was anything else.

Yet, the AP still clings to the myth that Gorbachev is a hero of the Cold War era.

After contemplation of the AP’s untenable position on Gorby, though, it is so easy to come to the conclusion that they have no interest in Gorby except in that he can be used as a club with which to beat about the head of the United States. So, contradictions about Gorby are completely immaterial to their position.

Gorby is great not because he is a “reformer” or a peace activist but because he hates the U.S.A.

It’s just that simple for the AP and they just don’t want logic and consistency to get in the way of their agenda.

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