The AP isn’t the only one going ga-ga over the ascension of Nancy Pelosi to become the “first Female Speaker of the House”. We are seeing the fawning on just about every news outlet out there. And it is, indeed, quite an historic change from the long line of gentlemen that have taken the Speaker’s gavel.

First female House speaker, Nancy Pelosi basks in historic day

WASHINGTON (AP) – San Francisco’s Nancy Pelosi made history today by becoming the first female Speaker of the House in U.S. history.

Standing on the House floor with her six grandchildren, Pelosi said her election marked a historic moment for women in U.S. history.

Among the onlookers in the packed visitors’ galleries were actor Richard Gere and singer Tony Bennett.

I am not sure why the mention of the so-called celebrities was important in the story, but as they wish.

Still, I just have one big question about all the hooplah about this “historic moment for women”…

Where was all the hooplah when Condi Rice took her place in the Bush Administration?

She had a few “historic days” herself, didn’t she? Where was the AP — and everyone else — going nuts about Condi?

Just wondering?

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