In today’s second Media story about a criminal politician, we don’t have to play “Democrat or Not?” because we are told right away what the criminal politician’s party affiliation is in nearly every story available. Naturally, the criminal in question is a Republican. I know, it’s so surprising that the MSM is not shy about ballyhooing a criminal politician’s party if he’s a Republican, right?

A member of the Maryland House, Robert McKee, has been caught up in an investigation of child pornography. Terrible charges and, if true, the fellow should be locked away in the deepest hole. But, what party is he from? Ah, the AP is happy to let you know:

The FBI says its cyber crimes unit is assisting Washington County authorities in an investigation of state Delegate Robert McKee.

The cyber crimes unit includes investigations of child pornography.

FBI spokesman Richard Wolf says the Washington County Sheriff’s Department requested the agency’s help after searching the Republican delegate’s home in Halfway earlier this month.

Then there is the second version of the AP story where we get that party ID in the very first sentence.

A Republican delegate from Washington County has resigned after authorities conducted a search of his home.

The local news gets into the act with a story from the Herald-Mail’s second paragraph.

McKee, a Republican who represented Washington County, said in a statement released on House of Delegates letterhead, tht the Washington County Sheriff’s Department executed a search warrant at his home on Jan. 31 and seized his personal computer and other items, including images that are available on the Internet.

So, when contrasted with the story of DUI guilty plead by Tennessee’s Bob Briley, we can see how the MSM in general and the AP in particular is so unequal in their policy of how they report party affiliations.

h/t Rick Hiteshew

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