In their never ending quest to attack the Constitutional right of self defense and gun ownership, the AP has once again published an anti-gun story, this time with a twist. It’s a toy in the hands of a schoolgirl there are gravely alerting us to.

Child Carried Toy Gun ‘For Protection’

Third-Grader Suspended in Upper Darby, Pa., for Carrying Replica Gun ‘For Protection’

UPPER DARBY, Pa. Mar 21, 2007 (AP)— A child who brought a realistic replica of a gun to school told a teacher she needed it “for protection,” police said.

Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said the third-grader took the authentic-looking replica of a German Luger pistol, which she apparently thought was real, with her Monday because she knew her older brother would not be able to walk her home from the bus stop that day. Children told a teacher about the gun, leading to police being called.

It was a toy, folks. A TOY.

Further, there is no indication that the child was brandishing it about or threatening anyone with it.

Now we get to the absurdity of the “zero tolerance” foolishness, of course:

…the girl will be suspended for 10 days and could be expelled from her suburban Philadelphia school, but will not be charged with a crime.

Of COURSE a toy is worth kicking this poor child out of school for a year over! Idiots.

But here is the kicker:

“From a criminal perspective, there’s nothing,” Chitwood said. “There were not any threats.”

Of COURSE there wasn’t. IT’S A TOY!

So, the biggest question to me is, however, why the heck is this little story barely interesting enough for a local Supermarket hand out on a national Newswire? Of course, the answer to that is because the AP wants to say how dangerous guns are, even toy ones.

This story has no business being a national item but to tsk tsk this little child, the AP is making it a national story.

Once again, the AP tries any avenue it can to cast firearms in a bad light.

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