Imagine this! We get to play our favorite game twice in the same day! Yes, it’s time once again for “Democrats or Not,” where we read an MSM story about corruption in politics and try to determine which party the perp is from… because the MSM won’t tell us — usually, that is.

This is a very special edition of “Democrats or Not,” because this time we don’t have to guess which party the violator in question is from. Amazingly, unexpectedly, we have finally found a story where the AP has found the temerity to list the perp’s party affiliation. And we can thank the AP for their bravery in, “Judge Grills E-Mail-Deleting Texas DA.”

An embattled prosecutor (District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal) facing a contempt charge for deleting e-mails was grilled Friday by a federal judge who said he should have known better than to erase material he had been ordered to turn over.

An outrage, I tell you. So, what party does this dastardly, low down, sidewindin’, fourflusher belong to? Which party has the AP valiantly blown the whistle on? (my emphasis)

Since the e-mails were made public, the Republican district attorney has been forced to abort his re-election bid and has faced almost daily calls to resign, including from hundreds of protesters who crowded the courtroom Thursday after marching from his office to federal court.

And there you have it. Story after story has the AP given us where they seem to forget to mention which party their monstrous perpetrator is from. We have detailed so many of those stories here for you. Democrat after Democrat after Democrat has gone unidentified by the AP and other MSM outlets in such stories.

But now we can rejoice. The AP has grown a pair and exposed this rotten Republican.

But, gosh. Isn’t it just a teeny, weeny bit odd that we have seen so many dozens of stories where they accidentally forget to mention their perp is a Democrat, but now that they have finally found the stones to list a party, it just happens to be a Republican?

Nah. I’m just bein’ silly. Dontcha think?

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