Without offering any contrary views AP reports that the drop in profits for US Citgo gas stations only hurts Americans.

This half-the-story report was buttressed with a quote from Vance McSpadden, executive director of the Oklahoma Petroleum Association. McSpadden wants to stop Americans from avoiding the Citgo chain of stations — Citgo gets their imported product from Hugo Chavez’ state owned and operated Venezuelan oil companies

Over the Summer, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez went on a world-wide tour of America’s biggest enemies telling them and all who would listen how America is the Great Satan and that George Bush is the devil. His whirlwind tour of hate ended at a rostrum in the U.N. where he made himself look the fool in front of the world to the applause of rabid America haters everywhere.

Citgo Gas Station Owners Say Sales Dropped

Vance McSpadden, executive director of the Oklahoma Petroleum Association, said he understands the frustration some consumers feel toward Citgo.But he cautioned that any boycott of Citgo wouldn’t hurt Chavez because Citgo doesn’t own any of the 13,700 U.S. outlets.

“It’s not Citgo they’re getting back at,” McSpadden said. “It’s that independent businessman who has got his livelihood invested in that business. That’s who you’re punishing.”

No where, though, is the counter view presented balancing the report. Boycotting Citgo, and thereby hurting Chavez’ anti-American oil industry, is a legitimate way to send a message to that ranting, madman south of the border. Sure, it may hurt a few American businessmen, but if they loved their country those American businessmen would look into selling another brand of gasoline instead of staying with Chavez and helping to fund a country that is making plans to hurt US interests world wide. No one is forcing these American station owners at gun point to sell Chavez’ oil… unlike the Venezuelan citizenry who ARE being prodded to work for Chavez at the point of a gun.Yet a few American Citgo station owners are upset that they are losing some cash? Why aren’t they upset that they are supporting this anti-American dictator?

And why did the AP only present the side of the “hurting” American gas station owners?

It seems the only way the AP can write a story supporting capitalists is if that capitalism ultimately benefits a South American, tin pot dictator.

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