News Item:
Judge blocks Anna Nicole surgery video

In 1994, Anna Nicole Smith had breast augmentation surgery performed by a doctor in Texas.  No surprise there.  For her we’re assuming it was viewed as a business investment.  The doctor, however, tape recorded the procedure, and has now tried to sell it to a memorabilia dealer in Los Angeles.

Howard K. Stern, whom we all know from the Baby Dannilyn, Larry Birkhead, Virgie Arthur circus that bounced from Florida to the Bahamas and back, and is the executor of Anna Nicole’s will, filed for and won a court order to block any sale of the video.

Now then…

A baseball signed by Babe Ruth, that would be memorabilia.
A cadillac owned by Elvis, that would be memorabilia.
A video of Anna Nicole?  We’re sure there are people that would want one.
A breast surgery video?  Gimme a break…

This world gets stranger every day.

News Source: CNN

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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