A small number of groups purporting to speak for women are getting their panties in a knot because someone doesn’t agree with them. 

Being outspokenly Christian or anti-abortion really seems to drive the left insane. Sarah Palin was treated brutally. So has been the Christian organization, Focus on the Family. Now it’s the Tebow’s turn.

The National Organization of Women and Women’s Media Center, along with a few others, are trying to make CBS drop an anti-abortion ad featuring 2007 Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and his family.  Understand now; these groups have never seen the ad.  They have no real idea what it says.  They just don’t want the Tebow’s to be allowed to say it in a fully paid Super Bowl ad on the subject of abortion. 

Let me make something perfectly clear to the National Organization of Women, Women’s Media Center, and the other anti-baby, anti-woman organizations currently attacking the Tebows:   You do not represent me, a low income widow with a racially diverse family. You do not represent my daughters, two of whom have had children out of wedlock while still in their teens.  We love our babies and would never hurt them. Please don’t pretend to speak for all women. I look forward to seeing the Tebow ad during the Super Bowl, and fully support freedom of Speech for all individuals and organizations. 

“Freedom of speech” is protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and by many state constitutions and state and federal laws.   It is not implied, assumed, or conveniently read into the wording.  It’s really there. 

Oh – and off the subject, about thirty years ago, while I was still a teen, I used NOW services for some type of occupational testing.   The service was totally unsatisfactory – a waste of time.  Even as a teen, I recognized that.  It was simple fluff, professing to be of community usefulness.  Mere vehicle for a leftist agenda, they use women as props. I’ve never had any respect for the NOW organization since.  

I oppose any use of public funds for these alleged women’s organizations, especially in light of their efforts to deny other individuals and organizations the right to use private funds in communicating their message.

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