U.S cancer researchers have discovered a new way to destroy cancer cells. An anti-viral molecule TBK-1, which is normally activated in healthy cells as a result of immune response, is found to be always active in cancer cells. Researchers found that TBK-1 plays a crucial role in the survival of these cancer cells.


When the activity of the TBK-1 molecule was inhibited in both cancerous cells and normal cells, scientists found that only normal cells were able to survive, while cancerous cells died. This discovery is published in the current issue of journal ‘Cell’.


Michael White, associate professor of cell biology, said that researchers were surprised to know that a mechanism involved in immune response, is also essential in the survival of cancer cell. He also added that there are many more surprises are awaiting discovery in the field of cancer biology.


This discovery might one day help the researchers to find an effective solution to eliminate cancer.

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