Several thousand people protested the latest AlQaeda linked bombing in Algeria.

There have been two bombings in Algeria in the past week, killing several dozen people and wounding hundred.

Algeria had suffered from a civil war in the 1990’s where Islamic militants protesting their ban from the government killed almost 200 000 people, often in savage attacks on civilian villages.

The civil war was calmed with a reconciliation, but the hard core still exists, and is determined to impose an Islamic state on that nation. This hard core Islamicist element “joined” Alqaeda in 2003, hence the reappearance of attacks on civilians, but this time as car bombs against crowds rather than slitting the throats of sleeping villagers.

Yet, since these atrocities were in an “internal” war, the western press ignored them.

Two lessons might be learned from Algeria: One, that Islamicist extremists will latch onto real social problems, and distort them to furthur their cause of an Islamicist utopia.

And two: reform can stop the civilian support for the war, but that AlQaeda will try to re ignite all conflicts and re interpret them as a war against the infidel.

And there is a third thing that can be learned: The press prefers to ignore the world wide implications of a war on terror, and few reporters wish to report on a war that they can’t blame on Bush.

Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. 

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