Back in 2006, David Mamet published “The Wicked Son: Anti-Semitism, Self-Hatred, and The Jews”. It’s a complex, heady read but essential for any Conservative. It explains a lot about Liberalism, for it has to do with the psychological foundations that support Liberalism: self-hate. In much the way I would recommend you watch a classic movie, I recommend you read Mamet’s book.

The chapter “Hide In Plain Sight” was a tough one to get through. I had to read it several times. Yet I implored my editor to permit me to write about the chapter, the book, and the broader political context they are relevant in. It explains so much.

Mamet first asserts that Santa Claus is a whitewashed myth that covers the sin of ancient child sacrifice. The reality of ancient civilization was that a man enters, stuffs a bad child into sack, leaving behind the child’s lone stocking, and the child was sacrificed. This reality was literally reversed into myth — jolly man enters, brings presents, ho ho ho. We see the trauma of reality still reflected in the myth, in the anxiety of the parents who are trying to determine if this is the year to reveal that Santa isn’t real, to allow the child exemption to hold onto innocence for that much longer, just as the parents of those to be sacrificed would do the same.

Thus, Mamet says, “The myth serves not to integrate the affronted consciousness, but to preserve the trauma”. Rather than directly address the abomination of child sacrifice, mankind repressed it. The repression gave birth to a myth that textually is the exact opposite of reality, but subtextually retains the trauma of the ritual. Hold that thought.

So, too, Mamet says with race. “Here is the persistent, internalized rationale of slavery: if a group has forfeited the most basic of human rights, there must be something wrong with them”. The reality is that horrible people enslaved Blacks. Other humans stood by and did nothing. As they are unable to cognitively process that they did nothing, which would force them to acknowledge that they were cowards, (and the cowardice of the society whose benefits they enjoy), they turn blame away from the perpetrators of the crime…and instead blame the victim.

The child, seeing his parents as all that is right and moral, internalize this same process, and it becomes part of their reality. The repressed truth – of having done nothing — is thus handed down through generations, such that the perpetrators of the crime are not blamed, but the victims. “There must be something wrong with them”. Voila. Racism. “It is an illness that the sufferer (the racist) cannot perceive the effects of because HE IS ITS EFFECT.” Mamet asserts the same is true of anti-Semites.

Then he takes one step further, to the victims themselves.

Blacks, Jews, any group targeted by genuine hate — internalize the notion that there must be something wrong with them to have engendered such hatred. Ever hear of “Jewish guilt?” It is “some terrible, nameless thing that I, as a Jew, have inherited.” We think, “My people must have done something wrong ages ago to engender such hate.”

To this I add my own thoughts: the evil of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al. These demagogues speak to one thing: If you are Black, you are a victim. They PERPETUATE the same repressive power Mamet exposes. “You ARE a victim”, says Sharpton, thus perpetuating the same subtextual message, the terrible Satanic whisper in the minds of Blacks, keeping alive that awful race memory, “Because you deserve it”. Pure evil.

So, too, with Liberalism, which also perpetuates this repressive power but goes it one better, and even more insidiously. Ever hear of “white guilt”? It’s a creation of the Left. It first supports the notion of Blacks being victims, and then reinforces it by saying, “As a white person, I have inherited some nameless thing that somehow ties me to the savagery of slavery. I feel guilty that my ancestors did awful things. Even though I am fundamentally blameless, I still hate myself as a result, so I will offer reparations in the form of supporting whatever candidates or policies you endorse”.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Barack Obama. How else could this Marxist, a man wholly unprepared, inexperienced, and lacking any viable resumé for the highest job in the land, have been elected President? Because he is Black. Reparations must be made.

Liberalism is all about victims. Liberalism identifies with victims. Liberalism is all about making reparations for that which we, as an obviously guilty society, have allegedly perpetrated on those less fortunate, less advantaged, less intelligent, less industrious, or happen to be in a minority. The reality — that life is unfair and that each man will only succeed if he engages himself — is thus repressed. The Left perpetuates the repressive power.

The Left seeks to thus counter this ‘inhumane” treatment of the society of victims by creating a balance through government — the most inhuman of all creations for it is not humane, as it is executed by automatons without regard for the individual. Liberalism is not, and can never be, about success. Success runs counter to the victim narrative. Unable to cognitively understand (or admit) that Liberal policy actually perpetuates the victocracy, it projects all of its own bankrupt values onto The Other, namely, Conservatives. Every story needs a villain, after all.

And that, my friends, is why Conservatives are demonized in the real world and in popular culture, by the Left. The Left believes in Santa Claus. They believe that a man will simply appear and hand them everything they desire, for the reality that they will have to work hard to obtain anything of value is too awful to comprehend.

What is the solution to this? Expose the repressive power. Therein lies the brilliance of the Torah. In its telling of Abraham and Isaac the “Torah lifts the injunction against discussion of infant sacrifice, and the hatred of Western Christian world is turned, not against savagery, but against the force that would weaken this repressive power”. The Torah actually addresses what Mamet says should be addressed — speaking truth to the power that permits the repression of the discussion.

So do as the Torah does. Speak truth to the repressive power.

Which brings me back to Andrew Breitbart. He spoke directly to the repressive power.
“You call us racist, you call us teabaggers and homophobes, you call us potential Timothy McVay’s? F**k. You. War.”

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