I happened to be checking out the Artists Against 419 site (one of my favorites) and discovered that the site is under a pretty nasty DDOS attack.

But apparently, it doesn’t stop there. I found this on SlashDot written by capnkr and posted by CowboyNeal:

“It looks like the efforts of the anti-scammers at sites like 419eater, Scamwarners, Artists Against 419, and possibly others have become the target of the Storm botnet. Spamnation has a post about it, and as of this writing none of the above listed sites are responding. Spamnation reports that CastleCops and other anti-spam forums are being DDoSed as well.

Sounds like a massive, concerted effort against the folks who are fighting the good fight. Although I hate it for the owners and admins of the above sites, I think it shows without a doubt that their efforts to ‘get back’ at the scammers are working.”

CastleCops has given some temporary hosting to the Artists, and has a forum discussing the current attacks, here.

The scammers have been going after CastleCops for quite awhile now, and it appears that this time, they were unable to do much damage.

Last week, I did a post about blogger accounts becoming infected by the storm worm. This phenomonen was discovered by Alex Eckelberry, CEO Sunbelt Software, who is a blogger user, also.

The sheer power of the Storm botnet is said to rival the power of the world’s top super computers. Wikipedia has been keeping up on the developments regarding it, here.

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