Phishing is developing into a mass threat in India. With more Banks taking up Internet Banking and Mobile Banking services and offering them to even customers who donot have the necessary knowledge of the risks the risks have already crossed the limits of safe Banking requirements.

There are some Banks in India who are only interested in commercial gains and donot have any respect for Banking norms and have become hosts for hundreds of Phishing fraudsters. They open accounts without proper introduction or KYC and allow them to siphon off money through various frauds.

Recently cases have started being reported where customers who have never encountered phishing e-mails are also becoming victims of fraudulent withdrawals.

All such cases indicate lack of security in the system and possible involvement of insiders.

Another dangerous  trend that has surfaced now is the application of Salaami attack principles to Bank frauds namely “Take small amounts from large number of victims since the victims would not consider it worthwhile to pursue the cases.

Banks are helping such fraudsters by instructing the victims to file complaints with the Police forgetting that the fraud has been committed against the Bank and it is incidental that a customer has also been affected. They forget that the money lost is that of the bank and they need to pursue the complaint.

The Reserve Bank of India has so far been a silent spectator to this public loot and has failed to take proactive steps to secure the Indian Banking system.

Under such a scenario, it is essential for the Phishing Victims as well as every Internet Banking customer who is a potential victim of Phishing and other kinds of frauds to  ensure that they organize themselves and fight against the frausters who have organized themselves into a mafia along with Banks and Money Exchange houses as part of the Cyber Crime infrastructure.

In order to catalyse a movement to fight against such ills, the undersigned is desirous of forming a Netizen led Anti Phishing Action Force in India. This Netizen movement will try to persuade RBI to take some proactive action for chcking the spreading risk of Bank frauds on the Internet. The movement will also request law enforcement agencies to take appropriate action to prevent such frauds in the first place and to ensure prompt action if it occurs.

We therefore request all victims to report such frauds through or or through e-mail to to strengthen the movement.

I also request mainstream journalists to also take up the fight and contribute to the movement.

Lookign forward to support from all

Naavi of

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