For those outside the large, but occasionally insular adoption community in America, news that an aggressive anti-adoption movement exists in the nation comes as a shock.

Often it’s the prospect of adoption in the family that initially introduces people to the vociferous opposition to the very idea of adopting children, and to say that negative reactions and accusations of everything from attempted ‘cultural genocide‘ to racism to supporting human trafficking come as a rude awakening is an understatement.

Those not touched by adoption rarely come into contact with the venom spewed, unless they happen to work in politics or the media. For that audience the message is wrapped in a thick layer of subterfuge disguised as concern designed to lure the unsuspecting in search of a quick story toward a view that eventually unfolds to cast adoption as an evil of epic proportions.

Spurred to action in reaction to an especially strident and underhanded attack orchestrated by leaders in the anti-adoption movement,, the world’s largest adoption-related web site, has launched a new blog designed to address the issues, keep tabs on misinformation campaigns and expose the hidden agendas, as well as to collect adoption-related information from around the world and disseminate it in an easy-to-access, easy-to-read format on a daily basis: a one-stop resource.

Dedicated to providing information and support to all members of the adoption triad … birth parents, adoptees and adoptive parents … is reinforcing its commitment of unwavering support to keep the option of adoption open to the children of the world who otherwise have little reason for hope, while continually encouraging improvement in the processes involved and increasing ethics and integrity in all facets of adoption and from all parties.

Sandra Hanks Benoiton writes on International Adoption and adopting as an Older Parent for, and on everything under the sun on Paradise Preoccupied from her sun-drenched veranda on the island of Mahé in the Indian Ocean.

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