What I found interesting was that George and Cindy Anthony showed up during the search for Nadia Bloom along with their good friends from Kid Finders. Sherri Milstead, the founder of Kid Finders Network along with her husband Dennis, claim that they have been flooded with threatening emails once the news got out that they wanted to help find Nadia.

Nadia Bloom disappeared on Friday and her bicycle was found standing up with her helmet hanging on the handlebars and she was found this morning alive and doing well considering she has been lost for 4 days. Thank God she is safe now.

They even went as far as putting up a website to get the word out about Nadia being missing and they gave fliers to a police officer to hand out. The Blooms say they appreciate the help, but they don’t approve of the Web site and they want it taken down.” I just checked and it has finally been taken down but it should have never been put online to begin with, without the family’s approval.

bat-boat-in-water.jpgKid Finders offered the Bat Boat and an ATV for the police to use but they haven’t needed its assistance. Milstead said they brought the boat there to Lake Jesup on Saturday anyway to conduct their own unofficial search. I guess George needed to get out in the sun with his shorts to tan some more

She said that her group has been in contact with Winter Springs police but hasn’t talked to the Bloom family.

Kid Finders is the same group that caused a lot of controversy when they were searching for Caylee Anthony, and they attempted to get involved with Haleigh Cumming’s search through the Anthony’s but was turned down by Haleigh’s father, Ronald Cummings.

In fact I came across an article from myfoxorlando.com that had a statement in it that I almost choked on. Here is what I read:

“I got sick to my stomach,” said Cindy. “We just got home, turned on the news and saw that she was missing and I said, “Oh my gosh, that’s just right around the corner. We need to go.'”

The Anthony’s searched for their granddaughter, Caylee Marie, for months in 2008. Her body was found in December of that year. Their daughter, Casey, is charged with murder.

I’d like to know exactly when did any of the Anthony’s actually search for Caylee? If my memory serves me right, I believe I remember Cindy Anthony screaming out to the people to get off their asses and look for Caylee. Why couldn’t she go out and do the searching too. No she had to sit at home and babysit her brat daughter that is now being charged with first degree murder of her own little 2 year old daughter. She made it sound like she was ordering the volunteers to go out there to find Caylee. I can’t see Cindy out walking in the water and swampy areas. She thinks she was too good to do that, yet she wanted to sit back and let the search teams and police to do that for her.

What this looks like to me is that George and Cindy have not been getting much attention lately and this was a great opportunity for them to get their names back in the media and probably on TV as well. They love being in front of those cameras as long as whoever is doing the story agrees with them. If word gets out that they even remotely thought their brat was guilty they start yelling to get out of their faces and complain that the media won’t leave them alone after it was them that put themselves there to begin with.

One would think after Ronald Cummings run them off when they tried to get involved in the search for 5 year old Haleigh Cummings. They were told immediately that their help was not needed and now the Bloom family basically told them the same thing. When are they going to realize that they are not wanted? I know if one of my grandsons were missing the Anthony’s would not be allowed to have anything whatsoever with the search.

I am happy that Nadia was found and that the Anthony’s can’t take any of the credit in finding her.

Jan Barrett

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