Press Secretary Tony Snow used to work for Fox News, a station which some claim is excellent at diverting people’s attentions away from the facts. If that indeed is the case, they did an admirable job of training Mr. Snow for his current job. Allow me to demonstrate.

President Bush has refused to criticize the deplorable conditions which Saddam was executed under; shouted religious insults, a shabby locale, obvious disregard for standard policies, no consideration for true justice. In fact, Mr. Bush has not even seen the cell phone video of Saddam dying, saying that instead wants to “look towards the future of Iraq.” Bush’s reluctance to take a stand against it is certainly odd, especially since US military sources have even spoken out against it.

In order to distract the media from Mr. Bush’s refusal to say anything on the issue and focus back onto the fact of the execution, not how it took place, the illustrious Mr. Snow let loose with this gem. “The most important thing to keep in mind, this is a guy who killed hundreds of thousands of people and received justice. He got justice.”

Justice? With news leaking that the horrible handing of Saddam’s death will likely make him a martyr?  Rather obviously, Mr. Snow has not seen the video either.

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