This just in from TJ, I have to admit that I am considering setting up a new category on the site, Haleigh Cummings Side Show. Are these people for real? The sad part is that the side shows extend far further than what is reported on. One day, after this case is solved, I am going to run a radio segment just on the sideshows – Simon

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office says they are investigating another incident that may involve Ronald Cummings.

Cummings has been the subject of attention this year as the father of a missing girl for whom there has been an Amber Alert for over six months.

On Saturday, PCSO deputies were dispatched to Hank Croslin’s home to investigate a claim that Ronald Cummings may have put a headless rat in Croslin’s mailbox. Cummings told deputies he was not responsible for the incident.

Croslin told a deputy that he found the mutilated rodent in his mailbox and suspected Cummings put it there because, during the dispute a week earlier, Cummings allegedly told Croslin he would get back at him.

Croslin also told deputies that he knew Cummings owned several guns and he was afraid the headless rat was a sign Cummings was going to kill him. Croslin told deputies he wanted charges filed against Cummings.

A witness who lives nearby gave deputies a written statement about what she saw the previous night. The woman said she had been watching television and heard a truck coming up the road in front of her house. In her statement, the woman wrote that she saw Cummings driving his truck and saw him slow down in front of Croslin’s house. Then, she said, he appeared to put something into the mailbox.

Cummings denied the allegation, deputies said, and also voluntarily agreed to be questioned about the incident and to provide a written statement.

Cummings was arrested last week following an altercation with Croslin, who is the brother of Cummings’ wife, Misty.

The sheriff’s office says the incident is not tied to the search for 5-year-old Haleigh Cummings. Her birthday is Sunday. She disappeared after going to bed on the night of February 9.

TJ Hart

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