Something is going on in this world that I don’t like and I know I am not alone in this world feeling as I do about it. Kids getting access to guns and then they are shooting others with them. It just isn’t a good thing. Now I know everyone says we need to get rid of the guns, but coming from a family that was raised around guns and taught how to respect a gun and taught that a gun is NOT a toy, my opinion of guns are different than some.

First of all how are these kids getting their hands on these guns? How does something like this happen?

This 12 year old boy from Roswell, New Mexico snuck a 20-guage sawed off shotgun into school with him and ran into the gym, pulled the gun out and fired it at other students. This is a kid that bumped into 8th grader Odiee Carranza as she was walking to the gym as he rushed past her. She claims she told him to be careful and he took the time to apologize to her before continuing on to the gym. When he got in the gym he shot and hit two students, an 11 year old boy and a 13 year old girl. Both are in the hospital but thank God they are alive. Carranza said after he shot the students he shot up in the sky and then dropped the gun after a teacher talked him into giving himself up.

The teacher, John Masterson, who is an eight grade social studies teacher, was in another section of the gym when he heard gun shots. He ran to where the boy was and urged him to put the gun down even though the boy aimed the shotgun directly at him. As he talked to him, the boy put the gun down and raised his hands buy finasteride boots giving himself up.

So far the motive for this shooting is not being discussed but it was said by some of the nurses that were treating the boy that was shot, that the wounded boy was the target for the shooter. The police were getting warrants Tuesday night on the suspect’s home, his school locker and a bag.

The wounded boy’s parents asked that his name not be released. He was shot in the face and the neck and is listed in critical condition after undergoing a second surgery. The girl was identified as Kendal Sanders and she was shot in the right shoulder. She was admitted to the hospital in critical condition but has since been upgraded to stable condition. A school staff member had sustained minor injuries but declined medical attention.

So I ask my question again… How does something like this happen especially in this day and time? Is there something in our drinking water making tragedies like this happen? We are hearing these kinds of reports more and more. How can it be stopped? I wish I had the answer. I do know this though. I believe parents that have guns in their homes need to start putting them under lock and key to prevent their kids from getting hold of them no matter what age they are. There are many other ways to take their anger out on someone without taking a gun and shooting them just because they are mad.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all involved in this incident. This boy has a long road ahead of him to deal with now. The students at the school do as well. I pray they all can deal with what they are facing. God bless them all.

Jan Barrett

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