A school in Fulton Illinois has been closed as a result of concerns over asbestos exposure according to a recent report. The local high school has had to be closed and the homecoming game has also been canceled as a result of the concerns.

The concerns over Fulton High School were raised after the removal of an asbestos containing tile in the building. Officials from the River Bend School District have claimed that the asbestos tile was not properly removed, leading to the risk of asbestos contamination and exposure.

The site of the removal will now have to be investigated and so far no indication has been given with regards to how long the school will have to be closed for. It is claimed that the tile was removed without authorization.

Once investigators have determined whether any asbestos fibers have been released and if so what the level of contamination is further information will be released with regards to when the school is likely to be reopened.

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