Brian Krebs of the Washington Post did an interesting post on his blog about how phishing is increasing (again) and how anti-phishing measures (some recently marketed to users) are failing already.

Brian writes:

The Anti-Phishing Working Group reports that 52 percent more phishing sites were recorded on the Internet than a month earlier and nine times as many as were spotted in October 2005. The steep increase coincides with a massive spike in the volume of spam circulating on the Internet. According to e-mail security firm Postini, 90 percent of all e-mail these days is spam.

Brian’s post, here.

Also mentioned is “Rockphishing,” which takes advantage of zombie computers formed into botnets. The result is that it is making phishing extremely hard to trace.

Brian did an excellent job in his post – and I highly recommend reading it.

I wrote recently about how technology isn’t winning the war against cybercrime. It seems like a lot of expensive anti-phishing software is proving this all over again.

Maybe a better approach would be to follow the money instead? After all – I’m pretty sure that is what the cybercrimals are really after.

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