Anyone who disagrees upon the fact that fame and fortune does not corrupt the teen celebrities of our time is pretty much wrong. I mean, there are a few exceptions; and the key word there is few. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Lindsay Lohan, once an adorable child star, who’s innocence seemed to be preserved in an imperviously sealed Ziploc bag. Who knew that this would open up a disasterous can of worms?

Lohan, now 20 was arrested for driving while under the influence Saturday morning after her Mercedes SL-65 slammed into a curb on Sunset Boulevard. To make matters worse, much worse I may add, officers discovered what may be cocaine in her vehicle. Lindsay was also just in rehab earlier this year. It seems that this life of drugs, and alcohol is becoming second nature to teen celebs.

Going onward with Lohan’s story, her defense attorney Mickey Sherman assures the public that Lohan did not have a sellable amount of cocaine in her possession. He explains that this ultimatley means that she will not be charged with “anything extraordinarily serious as far as the cocaine’s concerned”. Is that good news? I personally don’t know what to make of that statement. It seems as though celebrity status can also super humanley rid of charges concerning the possession of cocaine. As of now, Lohan was released from custody since she was admitted to the hospital. As for the future of Lindsay Lohan, who knows?
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For pictures of the incident check out ABC News here.

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