When browsing around for my next topic to write about, I came across yet another article (Yes, another! I wouldn’t lie about it!) concerning Lindsay Lohan’s recent ordeal. If you read my previous blog entitled Another Pretty Face Gone to Waste, or if you’ve seen or read any major newspaper within the past 48 hours, you’ll know exactly what I am speaking of. You might have even seen this fantastic picture grace the front pages of many many major newspapers.

It seems as though Lohan again checked herself into rehabilitation. After all, it clearly looks like she needs it. These events all follow her eventful evening, or morning rather when her Mercedes slammed into a curb on Sunset Boulevard. Apparently, officers discovered cocaine in her possession. Maybe that can explain the lovely, and clearly flattering photograph of her to the left. Astonishingly, the photograph shown was taken less than 2 days after her previous incident. It’s clear that Ms. Lohan hasn’t learned her lesson, but is that suprising to any of us anymore?

With our nation currently in war, a presidential election gathering steam, and crisis in Darfur, I really think we as Americans can take a little time off for Lindsay Lohan here. The reason for this Part II is to bring attention to the corruption, and the inevitable demise and extinction of our “beloved” teen celebrities. Jennifer Hitchcock commented my blog yesterday stating “What does it take to make these people see that they are loved and they have everything…” The answer to that question may never be answered. God forbid it may take an overdose or even death to draw realization, but through history that has done nothing.

Lohan appears in court August 24th. With her luck, she’ll get away with no penalties. I hope there won’t be a Part III to this saga Ms. Lohan.

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