Since the time this story originally ran, spokes-folks for Moore have denied that the film maker intends to head to Iran for the film festival. While Moore’s camp claims this is some vast right-wing conspiracy, the story was based on a legitimate press release from a legitimate news agency.

According to the Iranian Students News Agency, legendary film maker Michael Moore will be traveling to Tehran in October for that country’s very first international documentary film festival.

Moore will be screening his newly released documentary, “Sicko,” which was given rave reviews by people like Michael Moore and Kurt Loder.

Interestingly, the press release praises Mr. Moore for, “having the guts to give his opinion in public, which not many people are courageous enough to do.” I say that’s interesting since that sort of thing can get you beaten (or burned to death by the religious police if you happen to be female) in Iran. Yeah, he’s got guts all right.

Moore, an obvious favorite of Iranians, will hopefully get the guided tour of Tehran including such famous sites as: where UK soldiers were recently held and forced to write “confessions,” and the now defunct diplomatic mission where Americans were held.

One can only hope that rioting students, upset with the “high” price of gasoline in Iran will seize Mr. Moore’s hotel and take all the liberals they find hostage. The Supreme Leader will of course be unable to talk them into releasing the hostages.

I can’t wait for the local newspaper to print American flags to put up in the windows until the hostage crisis ends… I can’t wait to ball that puppy up and chuck it in the trash, because they can keep him. In fact, I think he should do a few documentaries while he’s over there and see just how well received they are.

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