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Student punished for hugging classmate

Scenes in countless motion pictures depict this now dispicable act, children hugging other children, and it’s not something Hollywood made up, it actually happens, every day, everywhere.  It happened in Alabama the other day, where a young girl gave a friend of hers a squeeze, and was disciplined accordingly.

An isolated incident, you’re saying to yourself, some teacher or school principle just over-reacted.  Well… not necessarily so.  According to a Supreme Court ruling back in 1999, schools can be held liable for ignoring claims of sexual harrassment.  It’s taken a few years, as things like this do, for the paranoia to set in, but in our law-suit happy society, rather than wait for a harrasement claim to be made, some schools are taking CYA [cover your ass] to the extreme, and fending off any and every possible situation that could result in offending behavior.

The Alabama incident isn’t as isolated as you might think.  It’s happened in Illinois, Texas, Missouri, and other states as well.  One student was ‘warned’ after being seen hugging a friend hello at a football game, and then disciplined after a second offense.  She hugged a classmate goodbye before getting on her bus.

Looking down the road a bit, it’s not too far-fetched to see a simple wave of the hand being categorized.  Was he or she actually waving hello or goodbye, or were the other four fingers of the raised hand actually masking the intent of the middle digit?

News Sources: WSFA News – Montgomery —- STL Today – St Louis

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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