In another shining example of how our schools are becoming more and more against the principles and ideas that ARE America, we have two entire districts in Colorado refuse to accept free distributions of the U.S. Constitution for their students.

That’s right. I said FREE copies of the Constitution were turned down by two school districts.

(When) Douglas Bruce… tried last spring to give pocket- size copies of the U.S. Constitution to high-school seniors, two Colorado Springs-area districts said “no, thanks.”

Lewis-Palmer District 38 and Fountain-Fort Carson District 8 did not accept Bruce’s booklets because they said it would set a precedent for districts receiving products from the outside.

Turned him down! Imagine the stupidity of this act. These unAmerican schools turned down FREE copies of our Nation’s guiding law. The District would not have had to pay a penny for the edification of our children and they told this guy to shove it.

“The administration, the school board and the principal talked about it and reached a consensus where we didn’t want to set a precedent where anybody could come hand out stuff to our graduates. We didn’t want to turn graduation into that,” Adair said.

These administrators should be fired immediately. Any school that is attempting to keep our students from learning about the Constitution should be summarily fired. PERIOD.

But, then, this is why our schools are turning out dunces that know nothing about out nation, its history and forms of government.

Our schools are universally failed enterprises.

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